Web Development

Become a Web Developer in just 34 weeks!
Are you ready for a new career? The EPIC College of Technology’s Web Development Diploma Program may be just what you are looking for.

In recent years the role of the website has evolved and grown from a simple means of displaying information to complete systems driving e-commerce, information exchange, data storage, and communications and have even become the hubs of our social lives. As this role changes the need for developers with the skills to dream up, create, maintain and protect these sites and the back-end infrastructure that drives them has never been higher.

The Web Development Diploma program introduces students to web development and builds fundamental understanding of static and dynamic web page design and development. The program discuss the powerful platform for web design and development

Students master their competences through team projects assignments, exercises and decision making challenges. As a result they develop innovative and critical thinking abilities. They also build analytic, decision-making, and communication skills that are crucially important to software professionals.