Our graduates will have a combination of theoretical and applied understanding of service leadership with a firm grounding in different areas of hospitality and tourism marketing techniques. In an international context within the hospitality and tourism industry they will perform all function with a flexible and versatile mode of working professionals. The overall course structure of the program will meet the requirements of all type of entry-level positions and let the graduate to Become immediately effective within the hospitality and tourism industry through understanding the principles and procedures of a range of hospitality functions, including front desk operations, housekeeping, and food and beverage productions.



  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with:
  • Grade 12 English: ENG4(C) or ENG4(U)
  • Grade 12 Mathematics: (C) or (U) or Grade 11 Mathematics: (U) or (M)
  • Or¬†Mature Student Status (age 18 or older) with the above prerequisite course(s), their equivalent(s), or appropriate qualifying test score of Wonderlic SLE (at least 16).
  • Passing SLE test


  • Event management and organizing conventions skills
  • Providing leadership to team
  • Sales and relationship management
  • Customer Service at the front desk
  • Maintaining cleanliness
  • Facilities Management
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Managing transnational travel corporations
  • Understanding of legal framework required in hospitality and tourism industry
  • Use of large database of all types events and scenario
  • Providing training to employees in hospitality and tourism industry
  • Strong organization and time management skills
  • Expert in multi-tasking specially planning and scheduling
  • Business communication skills
  • Understanding Marketing & Sales
  • Practical knowledge in statistics, math and accounting
  • Learn to create an e-business strategy
  • Conflict resolution within local organizations
  • Identify a need for a new employee
  • Prospect and qualify customers
  • Overcome buyer objections


  • Understand the management travel related queries and all questions related to convention and/or tour services.
  • Understand the management of front office operations.
  • Concept of maintaining records of vacant rooms and reservations.
  • Good command over method to assign rooms, registers new guests, and answers all queries about hotel services.
  • Learn the basic concept of compilation and daily record sheets management.
  • Understand the record keeping of guest accounts, receipts and vouchers using computerized or manual systems.
  • Managed the statements of charges to departing guests and receive payment.
  • How to help customers with information about travel destinations, transportation, accommodation options, costs of package tour & recommend suitable products
  • To provide travel tips regarding tourist attractions, foreign currency, customs, languages and travel safety.
  • Understand the promotion strategy and discuss conventions with trade show services amongst various trade and professional associations.
  • Concept of designing plan entertainment and social gatherings for participants
  • Method to review final billing submitted to clients for events and prepares reports.
  • How to manage and plan operations of cafeteria, restaurant, bar, or other food or beverage service.
  • Understand the negotiation method with clients for catering and with suppliers for food & other supplies.
  • Housekeeping duties such as laundry, cleaning and making beds




  • Corporate Hospitality Associate
  • Corporate Travel Buyer
  • Guest Service Agent
  • Hospitality and Tourism Business Development Supervisor
  • Visitor Information Counselor
  • Hospitality and Tourism Business Development Manager
  • Hotel and Tourism Account Manager
  • Conference Planner Assistant
  • Food and Catering Services Coordinator
  • Project Manager-Planning and Tourism Destination
  • Hospitality or Tourism Relationship Manager
  • Hospitality or Tourism Travel Sales Coordinator
  • Travel Guide
  • Marketing Assistant Manager among other associations.
  • Restaurant Assistant Manager
  • Room Service Clerk
  • Food Service Officer
  • Booking and Reservations Officer
  • Sales Assistant
  • Resort Worker




Students in the hospitality and tourism diploma program may eligible for different sources of funding and financial assistance for example scholarships, bursaries and interest free loans programs administrative by epic college and some employers.