Environmentally Sustainable Buildings

Program Overview

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Lowering environmental impacts of buildings and construction is an important way of contributing to protecting environment and improving quality of living inside the buildings. The Environmentally Sustainable Buildings Postgraduate Diploma Program introduces students to working knowledge of the core concepts and strategies to achieve this objective. Students learn how to lower energy consumption in buildings, improve air quality, implement green building practices and comply with applicable legislation.

This program also includes core concepts and strategies used in the LEED® rating systems and supports students who wish to take the LEED Green Associate Exam. All courses are taught by practicing environmental professionals, ensuring that the program content is both practical and current.

The program consists of 200 hrs of instruction and includes in-depth classroom lectures, demonstrations and case studies. The program also includes site visits to develop practical understanding of real-life scenarios, problems and solutions.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program are well suited for positions such as sustainable building consultants; building manager; project manager; property/facility manager; energy management professional; maintenance manager; building engineer; green building specialist as well as many others in industry sectors such as construction, consulting engineers, building operations and facility management as well as government and public organizations.

Courses in this program:

Sustainable Development
Ontario Building Code
Energy Management
Environmental Regulations and Standards
Indoor Air Quality
Engineering Project Management
Canadian Industrial Practices and Workplace Culture

Program Outcomes
Core Competency:

Gain proficiency in the area of sustainable design, construction and operation of buildings.

Upon completion of this program participants will:

Understand contemporary practices of designing, constructing and operating environmentally sustainable buildings;
Understand concepts, strategies and benefits of saving energy, minimizing waste and using LEED rating system for assessment of buildings;
Understand requirements of Canadian and international environmental regulations and standards;
Understand project management practices for increased efficiency of operations and meeting deadlines;
Understand best practices for energy management.

Core Competency:

Implement sustainable building strategies, reduce energy and natural resource consumption in buildings, use LEED rating system for assessment and analysis.

Upon completion of this program participants will be able to:

Apply sustainable development principles and practices in defining, analyzing and selecting solutions for design, construction and operation of environmentally friendly buildings;
Perform building energy audits and LEED rating assessments;
Suggest solutions for reducing consumption of resources including energy, water and other resources and analyze efficiency of conservation measures;
Assess indoor air quality in buildings, investigate and suggest solutions to related problems;
Identify applicable legislation and ensure compliance of buildings with laws and regulations
Evaluate and synthesize data with sound engineering principles for finding economical engineering solutions for sustainable operation of buildings.