Electrical Power Distribution Technology

Program Overview

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The Electrical Power Distribution program provides a comprehensive overview of the power distribution systems that are used in industrial, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. This program covers aspects of the distribution system, protection, distribution automation and independent power generation. It also focuses on switchgear, power cables, transformers, power factor correction, grounding, lightning protection and network systems.

The program enhances participants’ knowledge and skills required for employment in the electrical distribution sector. The participants will be introduced to the design methods in compliance with the IEEE standards and Canadian Electrical Code and will learn how to perform design calculations and system analysis by using industry standard software.

The participants also will be engaged in the project work which will involve all aspects of system design process. They will be configuring single line diagrams, performing design calculations, preparing equipment selection data sheets, sizing the major electrical equipment and selecting equipment such as transformers, circuit breakers, switchboards, motor control centers from reputed North American suppliers.

The program includes in-depth classroom lectures, demonstrations and case studies. All courses in the program are taught by practicing professionals, ensuring that the program content is both practical and current.

Career Opportunities

After the successful completion of the program, the graduates will find employment opportunities with consulting engineering companies, large contracting companies, inspection agencies, large equipment manufacturers and utility companies.

Courses in this program:

Electrical Power Distribution I
Electrical Power Distribution II
Canadian Electrical Code
Engineering CAD
Engineering Project Management
Maintenance Management
Canadian Industrial Practices and Workplace Culture

Program Outcomes

Core Competency:

Graduates will gain proficiency in the area of management, operation and maintenance of power distribution systems.

Upon completion of this program participants will:

Understand the best practices, technical and regulatory requirements for power distribution in industrial, commercial and institutional buildings;
Understand organization of the Canadian Electrical Code, methods of estimating electrical load, sizing of components and calculation of space requirements;
Recognize engineering solutions for distribution of electrical power, protection of power distribution systems; operation of different components of the system;
Recognize purpose, function, ratings and special problems of the key components of electrical systems;

Core Competency:

Graduates will be able to provide design inputs and oversee set up, operation and maintenance of electrical power distribution systems.

Upon completion of this program participants will be able to:

Use AutoCAD Electrical software to produce single line diagrams, power distribution layouts, lighting design, instrumentation, heat tracing, grounding, cable tray and other layouts;
Prepare specifications for design, installation, operation, protection and maintenance of electrical distribution systems;
Prepare electrical data sheets, technical specifications and technical bid evaluations;
Perform calculations, determine required sizes, ampacities and ratings of electrical components of power distribution systems in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code;
Set up safe operational settings of power distribution systems and oversee their operation, maintenance and ad-hoc servicing;
Provide project oversight and authorize on-site changes in order to resolve emerging issues and maintain as-built drawings and update when modifications are completed;
Maintain critical power distribution system information, drawings, files, spreadsheets and records;