Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Become a Software Tester in just 34 weeks!
Are you ready for a new career? The EPIC College of Technology’s Software Quality Assurance and Testing Diploma Program may be just what you are looking for.

As software becomes more complex, provides more features and functions and our reliance on grows, so does the need to ensure it has been fully tested and does what it is designed to do at the correct time and in the correct manner. It is therefore necessary to establish processes and methodologies to ensure the quality and capability of modern software. Doing so will help ensure a high degree of assurance, quality and reliability. It should not only be tested to ensure it is bug free, but also usable, compliant with its purpose and has acceptable performance. Many software based projects fail because a lack of effort and testing.

The Software Quality Assurance and Testing Diploma program introduces students to various software testing techniques and builds fundamental understanding of test case planning, test case generation, testing processes and regression testing. The program mainly emphasizes on manual and automation testing methods.

Students master their competences through team projects assignments, exercises and decision making challenges. As a result they develop innovative and critical thinking abilities. They also build analytic, decision-making, dynamic testing skill and communication skills that are crucially important to software professionals. After completion of this program students will be equipped with sufficient knowledge to acquire ISTQB, CAST, CSTE, CMST, and CMSQ certifications.