Civil Engineering Design Technology

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Become a Civil Engineering Designer in just 29 weeks!
Are you ready for a new career? The EPIC College of Technology’s Civil Engineering Design Technology Diploma Program may be just what you are looking for.

The Civil Engineering Design Technologist Diploma Program provides knowledge and skills required to support design and development of Civil Engineering systems, parts configurations and products from their concept stage through all phases of engineering, costing, construction, commissioning, modification, maintenance and decommissioning.

Students will learn principles of Civil Engineering design, engineering analysis, computer-aided design, modeling, blueprint reading, geometrical dimensioning, design and construction safety and will be able to communicate complex civil engineering concepts and information through text, drawings, 3D models and related documentation. They will develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills needed for successful employment in civil engineering, building, mining and other related industry sectors.

Graduates will also prepare their personal portfolio of technical ideas developed into drawings, 3D models and actual executable designs. Such portfolio will help graduates to demonstrate to prospective employers their acquired knowledge and skills.