Certificate Programs and Courses

We are offering following courses for the duration of 35 hrs. to 80 hrs.

  1. MS-Office 2016
  2. Business Communication Skill/Business Writing
  3. College Maths and Physics
  4. University Selection Guidelines for Grade 12 Students
  5. Presentation Skills
  6. Campus to Corporate
  7. Laws of Canadian Immigration
  8. Six Sigma
  9. School to University admission (both for students & parents)
  10. Remote Sensing in upper Atmosphere
  11. C++ Programming
  12. MATLAB Programming
  13. Object Oriented Programming
  14. AutoCad with 2D and 3D
  15. Theoretical and Technical Concepts of Computer Network Programming
  16. Scientific technical report writing skills
  17. Science laboratory preparation skills
  18. Introduction to pharmaceutical techniques
  19. Preparation for Post-Secondary Chemistry and Biology
  20. Digital media technology for advanced learning
  21. Workplace Hazard material information system (WHMIS)
  22. Professional customer service certificate